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rich in personality

Serving modern American comfort food through a reimagined melting pot.


Main St. Provisions

We can’t wait to serve you.

Main St Provisions is a community-oriented restaurant in the Arts District of Las Vegas; serving modern American comfort food through a reimagined melting pot.The vibrant growth of the Arts District supports a restaurant with an atmosphere rich in personality and care. At Main St. Provisions, our focus is on the whole experience. Through a shared team philosophy, we aim to provide guests with great food, drinks, service and warm hospitality.

Our owner, Kim Owens, draws on a rich background of food and beverage service to provide a guest centric dining experience. Attention is placed on everything from a warm greeting at the front door to a well-educated staff as well as an ambience that includes locally sourced artwork throughout the restaurant inspired by our mid-mod neighborhood.

Chef Justin Kingsley Hall and his team focus on seasonality and responsible ingredient sourcing to create a menu that is both approachable but exciting. We believe in whole animal and vegetable cookery, working to use the best ingredients to their full potential while limiting our footprint. Guests will find plant-based dishes that celebrate delicious fresh vegetables next to humanely raised sustainable meat options. Cocktails, wine and beer are also thoughtfully curated to work in harmony with the full Main St. Provisions vision.
The bar team looks to find great products to
provide a memorable experience. We highlight many great distillers, wine makers and brewers which begins within our own local community.

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